Supporting innovators throughout their development.

Our non-profit programming supports local entrepreneurial and venture/financing ecosystems to sustain MedTech and digital health innovation around the world.

Investing in promising innovators developing MedTech and health technologies in underserved regions.

Our non-profit supports and publishes international research that brings new insights to challenges afflicting underserved populations, and identifies HealthTech opportunities that help address those challenges. 

In addition to supporting international research that informs fund management, TEAMFund’s Global Innovator Award grant funding, mentorship, and virtual incubator are helping to close the funding and knowledge gaps many innovators face in low- and middle-income regions enduring unmet healthcare needs.

“Almost immediately after the global implications of the pandemic were understood, TEAMFund reached out to offer their help on a whole range of medical supply, vaccine, and therapeutic issues. They worked closely with me during my tenure as special envoy for the African Union, and I found their detailed reporting quite insightful, their advisory quite helpful, and their overall assistance quite important to our response efforts.”

Strive Masiyiwa

African Union Special Envoy for Covid - Medical Supply Procurement and Vaccine Acquisition

Founder, Executive Chairman - Econet Group, Cassava Technologies

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Global Health Innovator Awards

We are thrilled to note that all Global Health Innovator awardees to date have been female-founded.

Successful applicants receive a grant of up to $50k for solutions that reduce barriers to healthcare access.

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Mentorship Program

Companies admitted to our mentorship program tap into our 80+ healthcare advisory team to receive guidance, operational assistance, and network building.

Virtual Incubator

Our virtual incubator aligns selected entrepreneurs with the strategic priorities of leading MedTech companies. With the funding and guidance of TEAMFund’s program partners, these start-ups will work to develop solutions for high-burden diseases in their local communities.

Here’s a list of our Global Health Innovator Awards recipients:


Headshot of Xina Quan, Pyrames CEO and founder.

Global Health Care Innovator Awardee - 2023

Regions Served: US (NICUs)

PryAmes Logo

CEO & Founder: Xina Quan

PryAmes is developing accurate, non-invasive, and wireless blood pressure monitors for patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

Visit PryAmes website

Butterfly Learnings

Global Health Care Innovator Awardee - 2022

Regions Served - India

Butterfly Learnings Logo

CEO & Founder: Sonam Kothari

Butterfly Learnings offers digital and in-person solutions to help care for children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Visit Butterfly Learnings website

Baobab Circle

Global Health Care Innovator Awardee - 2021

Regions Served - Africa

Baobab Circle Logo

CEO & Founder: Dr. Precious Lunga

Baobab Circle is the developer of Afya Pap, a patient-centered platform using AI and behavioral science to improve the management of chronic conditions through localized health education and personalized remote monitoring.

Visit Baobab Circle website


Global Health Care Innovator Awardee - 2019

Regions Served - Africa, US

NeoPenda Logo

CEO & Founder: Sona Shah

Neopenda is a public benefit corporation whose first product, neoGuard™, is a small, wearable, continuous biometric monitoring device for critically ill newborns.

Visit NeoPenda website


Global Health Care Innovator Awardee - 2018

Regions Served - Africa, Southeast Asia

EmpowerRT Logo

Founder: Sha Chang

A spin-out from UNC, EmpowerRT is a social enterprise seeking to provide radically affordable standard-of-care IMRT radiotherapy for a wide array of solid tumors.

Visit EmpowerRT website

Shift Labs

Global Health Care Innovator Awardee - 2017

Regions Served - Africa, US

Shift Labs Logo

Founder: Beth Kolko

Shift Labs is passionately dedicated to improving the health of patients receiving IV medication. Their award-winning DripAssist solution infusion rate monitor helps deliver safe and accurate infusions from the hospital to the home and beyond.

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