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TEAMFund invests in MedTech and digital health ecosystems worldwide, providing quality healthcare for all.

Fund I Portfolio Companies

In Fund I, we focused on high-impact burdens and digital-first solutions for alleviating them.


Year Invested - 2021

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 53,477

EchoNous Logo

Developer of Kosmos, an AI-based point-of-care ultrasound device enabling healthcare professionals to make heart, lung and abdominal assessments in minutes. EchoNous is redefining the physical exam and improving patient access globally.

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Forus Health

Year Invested - 2018

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 9,441,739

Forus Health Logo

Creator of proprietary hardware and AI-based SaaS workflows for eye diagnostics and care management. Forus Health is developing the future of eye care on its mission to eradicate preventable blindness.

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Jana Care

Year Invested - 2017

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 1,097,343

Jana Care Logo

Developer of blood-based point-of-care diagnostics for remote chronic disease management for patients with the often coexisting conditions of heart failure, CKD, and diabetes

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Year Invested - 2020

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 7,373,443

MediBuddy Logo

The leading end-to-end healthcare platform for India, with the largest network of providers, hospitals, pharmacies, and insurers.

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Year Invested - 2022

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 4,300,000

qure.ai Logo

Creator of deep learning technology automating the interpretation of radiology exams like X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds, offering a chance to detect early signs of lung cancer and other diseases.

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Tricog Health

Year Invested - 2019

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 8,236,147

Tricog Health Logo

Developer of Rx-supervised point-of-care cardiovascular products, including its flagship InstaECG — a cloud-connected device that makes the ECG analysis and interpretation easy and returns a cardiologist-certified report within 10 minutes.

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Year Invested - 2021

FY 2021 Patients (Cumulative) - 4,784,000

Vezeeta Logo

Leading digital health platform offering telemedicine and e-pharmacy services in Africa and the Middle East. Vezeeta makes it easy to access care and order affordable pharmaceuticals.

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“Scaling a MedTech company across geographies requires decades of wisdom and experience that founders lack. Navigating these chasms requires deep expertise in diverse areas that TEAMFund brings to the table. Decades of expertise in global execution, financial modeling, and regulatory are a few of the many TEAMFund superpowers that Tricog has tapped to grow into markets across India, Africa, China, and the US. We have reached 0.1% of the world’s population across 16 countries - TEAMFund has been instrumental in enabling this. Disguised as VCs, the team are some of the most incredible and passionate experts in global healthcare that I have had the privilege of working with.”

Dr. Charit

CEO, Tricog Health

Innovators are creating new solutions to address healthcare burdens every day. We provide the expertise to scale their solutions for maximum patient impact.

Fund II

We have learned through our research and portfolio company experiences that access concerns and unmet needs are everywhere.

No country, however well-resourced, avoids healthcare disparities, underserved populations, and unmet needs. We must dig deeper and think more creatively to have maximum local impact.

“There is an urgent need for improved access to lifesaving medical technologies for underserved populations in every country, who suffer the most significant disease burdens and face the most troubling trends.

Through innovations in MedTech, especially those leveraging digital health technology and AI, solutions are emerging which can address these diseases across low- and middle-income countries to developed markets.”

— Yousuf Mazhar, Managing Partner, TEAMFund LP

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